So apparently my nude pic is now circling among fatphobes, as could have been expected. Guess what? I LOVE my fat ass more than any other part of my body other than my insanely powerful orgasm factory of a vagina. I love to jiggle it, shake it, pop it, I can jiggle each buttcheek individually, make them go in circles. I also attract more hot ass Black men with my fat ass than I have time to fuck! You know what that cottage cheese is for? Making fucking superior babies! That’s right, that fat is used for building the fetal brain. Ever heard of DHA? My ass is full of it, no supplements will make up for the real thing. In fact I have my fat ass to thank for my own superior intelligence. That’s why I got a 1600 on my SAT, and my babies will be geniuses too. And my fat ass also protects me and my offspring from diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis. You fatphobe fuckers can keep your flat-ass estrogen-lacking thinspo bitches, they will produce inferior offspring. Real men with BIG DICKS need an ass like mine! No big dick wants a flat ass, it won’t fit!!!



this chick insecure as fuck

ion get it

she’s not even talking to anyone. it’s just her trying to reassert herself for being fat and ugly. then dissing bby girl like that. 

these types are the worst smh

She fetishizes black men like it aint no thing either. She had a picture up of this dark and she was like “YEA MY PUSSY KEEPS THE BIG BLACK DICK COMING BACK”

She is insecure. It’s sad. And she came at homegirl so horribly. How are you body positive yet calling someone ugly and telling them to go kill themselves. 

Nah. Not cool.

more anger ahhh

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    "hurrrr hurrrr I’m a slut. that’ll show them!"That’s not how you stop fat shaming.
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    Um, yeah I do I have a problem and I have the right to voice my opinion on the matter. You have a problem with my...
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    Was that woman serious??????
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